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Hello again, thanks for stopping by! I'm Ring Fai Cheung, a dutch born Chinese guy who lives in Amsterdam. If I would describe myself in a few words, I would say, a food lover, runner, obstacle run finisher, calisthenics enthusiast, casual gamer (boardgames too!) and a traveler. In a professional setting I would say, a self-employed UX designer who knows front-end code.

Back then as a fresh interaction designer graduate, I couldn’t find a job easily. UX was not as booming as it is today, so I had to broaden my search for a job. I had the chance to start as a back-end developer. I learned how to code, how to write queries, when and what patterns to use, the role of the database, AJAX, API, you name it. Although, it was a lot to digest, I somehow managed to understand most of it by practicing. In the mean time, I formed a usability group to share more knowledge about user-friendly design and user experience.

Later, front-end development was booming and it really caught my attention. It’s much closer to the end-user and gives more freedom when working on the UI. Switching to front-end development was for me a no-brainer.
Looking back, when I wanted to start as an interaction designer, I wasn’t able to do so, but through this career journey of mine, I got back to where I wanted to start. Now, with more knowledge and experience I have the ambition to challenge any UX-issues we have nowadays.

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Writer @thegreenchinese

There is nothing more exciting, uplifting and inspiring than delicious food. Seeing most of my IG timeline posts are food, I'm wondering who isn't a food lover.
Since October 2019, I switched to eating plant-based food only. It began as a challenge, but quickly I managed to adopt it as my lifestyle. And I'm enjoying it!
Many family and friends are interested in this journey, so I decided to share my experiences, struggles, favourite recipes, and what inspired or motivated me to have this lifestyle.
If you're interested too, follow me @thegreenchinese.

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